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Default Re: Show Me Your "Monster" Kits! (let's say... 7 piece and up)

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
You've inspired me. When I get home in two months or so, I'm going to try converting a 16inch floor tom to a bass drum using parts I already have. The kit will have 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 inch toms, 12 inch hats, and a piccolo snare. Most of the work will be on the floor tom, which needs to be repaired and reheaded. I'll keep you posted!
Very cool! There aren't many sets here that really stand out, but an 8-piece dwarf monster kit definitely would. Neat that you have all the parts on hand.

I would like to see your set before, as it currently exists, and then as a dwarf monster set. If you got an 18-inch drum, you could make it a double bass dwarf set, nine pieces. That's the sort of thing you'd send into Modern Drummer as kit of the month.

There are tutorials on this site about converting floor toms to bass drums. Look for them or we can point you to them.
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