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Default Stick Fail...

So last night i managed to drop/throw a stick like 8 times in 2 hrs... wow... that was terrible... I kept doing it with both hands too... and I was using the same exact pair i have been playing with for weeks and never had a problem... I think its because I cut off my long hair over the weekend... Just "throwing me off" a little or something.

I am really concerned that I am going to hit one of my fellow bandmates in the head and injure them terribly... i know those sticks must be moving really quick when they leave my hand...

I am not worried that this is going to be a major problem... just sharing a story that happened...

One time we were playing and my stick flew out of my hand and hit the ceiling light while we were playing... the light had been off before it and when my stick hit it somehow it turned on...
Does anyone have any horror stories (or comical ones) of hitting audience members, band members, or equipment by throwing a stick?
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