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Default Re: Going to California

Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
Enjoy the coast. It is a great tradition here at DrummerWorld for all members to make such a pilgrimage.
As long as I get to play drums, listen to music and get to watch good live music, my stay is sure to be a lot fun.

Originally Posted by LinearDrummer View Post
Haha I was just at LAMA a couple of weeks ago hanging with Phil Maturano.

Its a real nice facility....your gonna like it.
Talking with some of the students most of them have stories of playing 18 hour days....literally eating and sleeping drums.
But be careful of burnout and carpal tunnel.

Pasadena is expensive so you have to budget your money wisely.

You definitely need to check out The Baked Potato in Hollywood if your into jazz, latin or some funk fusion.

Good luck!
That's great! I had heard about that clinic. The people at LAMA have been really helpful, they gave me a 5000$ scholarship!

Among other things, I have the unpleasant task of finding a budget apartment for myself. If the places are expensive, it'll be doubly difficult, I'd imagine.

I know of Yoshi's and The Baked Potato from the many amazing recordings I've heard of bands playing there. It'll be a treat to actually be there.


Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
For a lot of the "live music venues", you never know who or what is gonna be playing. We have a "Pasadena Weekly" and an "LA Weekly" that pretty much details all the night life. Lots of Coffee Shops, Restaurants, and bars have live bands some/all nights.
Sounds good. Thanks!
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