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Default Re: What are some Egyptian and Classical Guitar scales

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
We could argue in circles about this. Hijaz in D is the same notes as starting the G harmonic minor scale on the 5th degree. Sure, every single mode of the Hijaz OR harmonic minor scale is cool, and can be used in reference to whatever key you're in.

I was trying to point out that every scale has several ways of looking at it and using it, and by looking at them different ways, you can come up with even more scales and colors to play around with...
Yeah, I see your point. I guess just about any scale could be viewed as part of some other scale in some other key, just started in some other place. It is cool to reconceptualize things and that will probably lead to some insights and inspiration and cool melodies. For the more mundane purposes of following music and playing with people, however, you need a common reference point.
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