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Default Re: Going to California

Originally Posted by Matte Kudasai View Post
Hello everyone,

I haven't posted anything in a really long time. I recently got into LA Music Academy and I'll be there this September. I was wondering if there were any Angelenos here and if they had any tips or suggestions about living in LA (Pasadena).

Haha I was just at LAMA a couple of weeks ago hanging with Phil Maturano.

Its a real nice facility....your gonna like it.
Talking with some of the students most of them have stories of playing 18 hour days....literally eating and sleeping drums.
But be careful of burnout and carpal tunnel.

Pasadena is expensive so you have to budget your money wisely.

You definitely need to check out The Baked Potato in Hollywood if your into jazz, latin or some funk fusion.

Good luck!
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