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Default Re: Dave Weckl my haste to post..I totally missed the thread about his kit on ebay.
Man...have seen so many legendary kits on ebay....there must be a thread on here somewhere about that...I mean some not so legendary but cool...haha
I remember seeing the Greg Bissonnette "Eat'em and smile" HUGE Yamaha kit on there as well as Tommy Lee's "Theater of Pain" white Sonors and perhaps the craziest one I saw was Neil Peart's candy apple red Tama's (from MANY albums)...I remember when he unloaded them on a modern drummer contest...anyone remember that ?...think was in late 80's. He had a contest, you send in a 2 minute long drum solo...the top 3 got one of his kits....1st prize being that red Tama kit (for the record the 2nd place prize and one I would have loved) was the mahogany Tamas from Moving Pictures among others....then 3rd place won the Slingerlands from the older Rush days. Man time flies.....seems like only yesterday I was cursing and throwing drumsticks around my bedroom in disgust. Trying to capture 2 decent minutes of my playing on cassette thru a beatbox (lol) to send in. I never did, instead just got many 2 minute clips of just playing as fast as i could and just a ball of energy with NO direction. I finally chickend out realizing who I would probably be going up against,.....I was right.
I guess I wasn't such a naive kid at that point. Anyway what were we talking about? haha

sorry for the babble...slow day at work.............. ;)
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