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hahaha....hey thanks Aydee.....a pleasure to I have loved some of the posts I have read here since I jumped in today. Yeah the two of them were the epitomy of "LOVE" seeing how she watched over him and how she looked at him while he was up there. Like it was the 1st time she ever heard or saw him play. It was as beautiful as the music being created....not to be corny. Also to anyone that had ever seen her, knows how slight she is...very petite woman....she would hoist his gold sparkle yamaha bass drum with both toms still on there up like NOTHING and move them off stage saying "excuse me" to all the people waiting inline near the stage to get a chance to talk to him or a quick picture. She would procede to start tearing them down/packing at the end of the last show :) ... I miss seeing him play.
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