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I was blessed to have seen Elvin many many times in the last 5 years of his life at the regattabar in Cambridge MA w/ His machine.
He was playing an OLD K as his MAIN ride (rt side) but had a constantinople on his left......that old k was reeeeeeeee-diculous. Of course if any ordinary person played it wouldnt have sounded like it did under the stick of this master. His touch was SUPREME STILL!.....

He had everybit of his magic when I saw him them many times from 97 on or so til the last time. They did the dbl sets there (each set was a seperate show...meaning u needed to buy tickets for each set/show.)
So me and my buddies would buy ticks for both shows on 3 of his 4-5 nights he was usually at regattabar. I have many many pics of myself with him...and I even brought my new constantinople at the time for him to sign...which he graciously did as he talked shop with us. MY MOST treasured pc of drum gear.
Anyway.....a legend in every sense of the word....
One quick story to share night he was playing and his huge gold watch he always wore's band snapped mid tune (was the type that stayed on you when claspe was undone) Kieko (his wife and drum "roadie!") super sweet lady.....anyway....she comes running up on stage and tries to get it off his hand.....she couldnt get it off of him!....she was struggling (meanwhile the band and Elvin were still bruning the place down).....this went on for 3 minutes.....half the sax were all watching like...omg what is going on.....why wont it come off? haha
HE finally got it off (after the tune....) she ended up leaving shaking her head....after the 3 minutes not being able to get it off.....HE had to PULL it off himself. :)
The man had the STRONGEST sincere handshake I ever was on the receiveing end of despite his age. His hands were huge.
SO many Elvin memories from them nights at regattabar. Just the most gracious human being...seriously.

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