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I am definitely a fan of Weckl myself....and in his defense of any reference to sounding UNoriginal and mainstream etc.....
I think it's because he was so copied and mimicked and now he sounds like he is "vanilla" to some people, when he was so so original when he first hit the scene round 85-86 when I 1st heard him.
I never will forget the solo on Paquito D'Rivera's GDANSK. My 1st exposure to him..... I NEVER heard ANYthing like what he was doing on that track. He at the time was very unique, sure he had alot of Garibaldi and Gadd influence..... but I dont think he sounded like them at all. MANY original things in my well as some killer stuff with Michele Camillo (sp?).... ONTOP of starting a trend or being the biggest reason for the sales of the 8" - 10" tom set up on the bassdrum during that timeframe...albeit (w/ the Gadd/Colaiuta styled suspended small "floortoms") the Mullet with perm...hahaha...U saw many Weckl wannabes round berklee at the time...ask anyone.

I still love going to see him play when I can, last time was years ago when he still had Brandon on sax.....The man is precision and just as graceful and dynamic as they come on a drumkit. I realize everyone has opinions and taste...thats what makes it each their own....I just had to mention that to me...he was very very innovative in the earlier day til' MANY people (including myself for years...set out "back to basics vhs 2x.... lol)...Just now I can see where people would say he's blah and not original or unique when you compare him to a scene he was partly responsible for culminating what it is he is being judged against....if they didnt look back previous to B4 his solo stuff and later Chick stuff and to when he changed many things when he was hitting the scene.
just my 2 cents on Mr. Weckl.

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