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Default Re: Money music and passion.

Originally Posted by Dane777 View Post
An interesting take I got told yesterday on a few things.
Tell me what you guys feel about this one.

"The difference between a professional and an amateur is whether they get payed."

Accurate definition, doesn't really impart much useful info.

"The difference between a pro and an amateur. The amateur practices till he get's it right, but the pro practices till he never get's it wrong." Nice observation. Probably true in many cases.

This last one was said to me during class by my teacher.
Being a young drummer this has got me thinking. What are your guys thoughts on
this one especially..

"Your a fool if you think you will make it in the industry as just a drummer. You need to be an all rounder. Have other talents which can open other doors for you, eg: Songwriter, Producer, Web-designer, Manager etc
Teachers are meant to inspire. Just because he / she bombed out & ended up standing in front of a class rather than standing in front of a mass of adoring fans isn't your problem. Just because he's/she's probably statistically correct, doesn't make it a good thing to base your future on.
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