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Default Re: Martial arts (could use your thoughts)

The thing with me is that i keep coming back to martial arts and self defense in my life. Its like i will write it off because of fear that i could mess up my wrists and hurt my drumming but i always find that i get interested in it again over time. I really go back and forth on weather i should do martial arts or not because of the fear of hurting my wrists. Thats why i keep posting in this thread. At times im like "yeah, my wrists should be fine if i take martial arts", but then i start thinking about how much it would mess up my life if i hurt my wrists and it hurt my drumming. Then i write martial arts off again but i always find myself being interested in it again. Like i will see a show on tv or something like that that will get me back into martial arts again.

Im really torn on what i should do about taking martial arts or not. I fo do take a martial art its very important to me that what i lean can be used for serious self defense in a real life situation. That throws out things like tai chi and other arts that art really that focused on real sefl defense.

Feel free to give your thoughts.
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