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He is a very humble cat, I'll give you that. And I know he's a big Buddy Rich fan, and personality wise he's probably the polar opposite of Buddy. I've come to realize that it's not Barker I have a problem with, it's his damn fans (and the young ones in particular, who haven't been exposed to other things and may never be). And fans of drummers in general, they're the ones who start comparing one guy to another which ultimately comes down to the viewer/listeners perspective and preferences.

Originally Posted by 182TB@rK3Rfan182 View Post
Also, where did you come up with the fact that he complains about photo shoots lol? Did you read this in the press somewhere? Take a look at this video...looks to me that Travis is quite enjoying himself..
I didn't mean it as he was complaining, but about a year or so after that first Blink album with him on it came out he gradually started posing with his lips pouting (don't know if it's because of the lip ring or what). To me, it makes him look like a douche. And I've seen interviews with him and he doesn't do that, but you put him in a photo shoot, and the guy
looks like he's pursing his lips.
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