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Originally Posted by RollingStone000 View Post
Actually drumming is about keeping a rhythm and time, not about looking cool. Looking cool is just incidental bi-product, and it comes with what? Keeping time, being able to hold down the beat, and elaborating on tastefully. Barker looks like he's suffering from spasm when he plays. If he spent half of the energy he puts into making it look like he plays into actually playing he'd be able to do twice as much. End OF story.

P.S. He should really stop pouting during photo shoots. Pouting is NOT cool. This isn't the damn 1980's.
Ok ok, your right. Drumming isn't about looking cool. However, I have just as much appreciation for Travis Barker as I do for Steve Gadd, or Gene Krupa. I can also understand why so many people are upset that Travis recieves so much attention, moreso than many other professional drummers out there. However, Travis has always been involved with the teens/young adults. I'm sure if half of these people actually knew a thing or two about music/drumming, they would re-think their statement that Travis is "the best in the world". (more chances than not, people are just saying this as a figure of speech) BUT, because the majority of these people may not care about the technicalities of drumming, they don't really care to know much more about it, or do any of their own research. I have never thought Travis has ever set out to be THE BEST IN THE WORLD. He just does what he loves, doesn't brag about himself, appreciates all of his fans, and he enjoys life playing in one of the biggest punk/pop bands in the world. I attended a show they played the other night, with 30,000+ people at it...insaine. You gotta give him props for his speed and creativity though. ( A big reason why he is so much more famous than those average, crappy drummers for crappy bands that no one listens to like; Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, and any other crappy emo wannabe band that was influenced by blink 182, but will never be as good) I think alot of technical drummers frown upon his style/looks/"coolness", which comes from Travis being so involved with the hip-hop lifestyle, playing with DJ AM and what not...However, the thing about Travis is, he's always been himself, since he first poped up in the music scene 15 years ago. It's not like he's gradually become more and more of something he hasn't already always been, just to get more attention from the younger generation of fans. His style, his look, his taste in music has always been the same.

Also, where did you come up with the fact that he complains about photo shoots lol? Did you read this in the press somewhere? Take a look at this video...looks to me that Travis is quite enjoying himself..

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