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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Pitch correction and pre-recorded tracks (yes even drum loops) are the modern issues that allow pretty much anyone to be a "success" if the music Gods deem them marketable.

Does anyone in the "pop" arena even attempt to sing live any longer are is it all lip-synching (and not always in "sync")? Anyone who saw the "performance" of Mariah Carey on America's Got Talent a week or so ago or whoever sees Beyonce, etc. "perform" knows that they may as well listen to the CD. No real live singing at all.

Take a pop star like Taylor Swift, cute girl who may be able to write lyrics but cannot hold a pitch longer than 2 seconds...yet tours and plays to 10s of thousands of the traditional pop audience - screaming kids.

In my view, pop music has always been about what is marketable and what will sell. Sometimes other artists "crossover" into the pop area with a song or two and I really don't blame them for taking the money. Bands such as Greenday may occasionally cross over into pop but I don't see the Britney Spears/Taylor Swift/Ashley Simpson/Jonas Brothers crowd snapping up tickets to a Greenday concert. Maybe they will buy one song off Itunes...

As far as the drummers are concerned...some are horrible hacks, but a lot are guys/gals who found a way to make a living doing what they love. Pop music has never featured any instrumental solos (got to keep it in the time limit) and most of the time the drummer is working very hard at keeping the so called artist in time.

A few musicians will make it past the "pop" stage and become true artists (again in my opinion), Take John Mayer for example, comparing his early "pop" stuff to the stuff he does with the John Mayer Trio is a perfect example of growing as a musician.

As far as the Beatles, not sure they ever got past the pop stage...often wonder if people really love the music or is it the aura that surrounds them. Not a popular opinion I'm am sure but hey, I'm entitled to my thoughts.
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