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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Oh, You're the one. :)
It's a dirty job but ... :)

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
It may be that you just hear it differently; but I think if I said 'pop-rock' then there would be no problem. Yes, the term 'pop' has it's place, and its place is largely marketing. :)
Here's a coincidence. Just this week a few band members started asking about our direction. We have a fairly eclectic mix of songs in the sets and some members are wondering aloud if we should be filtering more tightly.

Our singer and I had a chat about this (and other things) over dinner last night and he had some interesting thoughts about it. Basically, he felt that we should choose songs whose general mood and feel resonate with us - that represent our personalities - rather than by genre. So, for instance, I wanted to drop You're So Vain because it was less rootsy than our other material (which is mostly blues, RnB, soul).

He was happy to drop it, not because of the genre, but because the sentiment was not "us" - leaning as it does towards bunny-boiler bitter and twistedness about a relationship breakdown. None of us in the band are of that ilk, and are more inclined to quietly go off and lick our wounds than get in people's faces. So our set includes upbeat ditties like Sorrow, Cry Me a River, The Thrill Is Gone, Love Me Or Leave Me which are more "Aw gee whiz" than "YOU LOUSY &*^%$!".
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