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Default Re: America's got Talent

Originally Posted by Ian Ballard View Post
I've watched it a couple times. I think Simon Cowell, the Producer is a sick sadist and, most likely, feeds the public's desire to prefer failure and embarrassment, ahead of actual display of real talent. Notice how they show the whole performances of the horrible people and only show clips of the winning people. How do these horrid performers make it past the pre-screen?

Simple. The Producers and writers are sadistic sods (mostly Brits, who's media invented sensationalism and tabloid "journalism").

I'm sad for America...
Writers? It's a live talent show. No-one writes how an act is going to go. It depends on the audience and the act. They do have thorough selection process before they see the judges though, with at least 3 stages to it. Only the good and the really awful get through and to be honest some of the idiots that turn up who obviously can't sing deserve it when people laugh. I was pretty p***ed off at this crowd though from the way they laughed at the way he talked etc, to begin with.

As for the guy, I can't stand country in fact I hate it when my dad listens to it. I got dragged to an eagles tribute act once (more country rock I know) and had an awful time. I listen to hardcore, metalcore and deathcore mainly. However...

...this guy was AMAZING!!! such emotion and a powerful voice. A guy with REAL talent for a change on one of these shows, who can play an instrument and write music also. I just hope this giant money making show doesn't ruin music for him or try and make him into some mainstream, chart friendly act, because he's got an amazing talent.
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