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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

I got a new gretsch snare. 14x5 chrome over brass gretsch new classic limited. I believe only 200 of these were made. This is only my 2nd ever 8 lug snare, and I don't mind at all though, the die cast hoops make it a breeze to play. I played it against at least 10 other snares and this was my favorite. (except for an ocheltree solid steel machined snare that cost more than my whole kit). I really do like the sound of this drum, chrome over brass has this great dry crack if you hit it dead center that sits so nicely in a mix. very musical. It took a weekend to get used to the hoops being higher than my other snares though.

here is two other newer pics of my 70's gretsch kit 24, 13, 16.

here is an overhead picture with my a customs, i can't tell if the ride and the crash are accidentally switched or not? the crash looks really big. I use my a customs for outside gigs, and my k dark custom for inside gigs or quieter gigs.
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