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Originally Posted by Toza View Post
hi derek I got 2 questions, about your 2minutes practice methods.(4-4,8-8,12-12,16-16)
1. when you play blast for last two minutes, do you only play blast using right foot?
2. this is maybe stupid question but when i practice this foot exercises on a floor (not drums), and my second foot is resting. Would it be better for resting foot to stay in heel up position, or resting in heel down????:) I'm asking this because after working on your book, i have realized that only problem that i have is balance, and just want to say that this exercises are also gr8 for balance;)
Hey there Toza,
O.K. I'll give this a shot....
1. The 2 minute exercises were designed to use both feet and and both hands, so no......
I 'll do equal amount of time for each hand and each foot. Don't just isolate one.
2. It would be best to lift that foot completely OFF the ground. This.... takes away that "human kick stand" and forces your back to keep your body "in balance".
Do you do the balance exercies I put on-line many years ago? Single strokes in these 4 combos (again 2 minutes each)...RH/LF - LH/RF - RH/RF - LH/LF. When you get can add a "back beat" with the limbs you aren't using.

Try those on for about a month and see what happens.

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