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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Editors? I've not heard of them before. Do you mean this?

Not for me but I never understood why people liked music of that ilk. To me it just goes bla bla bla. However, if they're the same band as in the link, they managed to pull off a competent studio pop sound. Maybe they're better in the studio than live?

A few years ago I remember hearing a single of The Killers that I liked, but a lot of their stuff is that 80s pop rock which doesn't do it for me. Still, they clearly have it together in the studio.

So what's the trick? What is it that these bands have that lets them hit the big time while ostensibly more talented and/or creative musicians struggle?

They're cute. They write strong melodies. They're tight. They write, play and arrange with discipline and clarity of direction. How many of us are cute? How many of us eschew grunt, energy, complexity and texturing in order to focus on strength of melody? How many of us would give up the joy of eclecticism and variation in writing and playing order to make clear musical statements? How many of us skip those cool twists in arrangements in order to be accessible?

These bands would no doubt be well organised, and have worked out their interactions with the guys doing the lights and mix. Planning and hard work make a difference and it's something my old bands lacked. If only I knew 30 years ago what I know now ...

Unless you're a real pop-head there are significant musical sacrifices to be made in order to "make it". I woudn't make those sacrifices when I was young because I was into non-mainstream music. I won't make them now because I'm too old and there's no point :)

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