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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Just curious, Why did you put such a large porthole? On a drum that size, its like having no reso at all! I only put a 3 1/2 inch hole in mine. I thought that that was large! I have a 20" bass.

You also have a lot of stuffing in that drum. I would have used a hand towel folded flat at the bottom just to take some ring off. Im using an Aquarian SK I on my bass, with nothing inside. On a drum that small I would use an Aquarian Performance II as a batter with nothing inside. Try it. I recommend that for Gruntersdad also. He also asked about dampening his small bass.

The kit looks great! I love small kits!

What are you using for a snare?
Bob, believe it or not, the kit came from the factory with that hole in the front head. It's a 16" drum and the hole is 6". A foam block comes with the kit and the hole seems to be sized so the block fits through. I added a towel so I don't drown out my volume-shy bandmates. I'm the only one with a genuine rock background (jazz/classical/folk/blues) and I'm the only one to have played hard rock, and I've played heel up since 1976. Every now and then I break into the Kashmir beat at rehearsals to freak 'em out :)

I am still learning to play quietly with a kick pedal, bearing in mind that until now I haven't used a bass drum and pedal for about 8 months (I used a stomp box for a while) and can't practice at home due to volume issues. You heard the sound snippet of Little Wing. The prominent kick sound in it was a 16" drum stuffed with crap and struck with a big fluffy jazz beater - lol.

Thx for the tip re: the Aquarian. I'll do that once I have the kick situation more sorted out.

I agree that the small kits on this thread are really appealing. Even with small setups we still manage to have a wide range of setups and a few quirks. Grunter doesn't seem to have any cymbals. Lang has chimes. Everyone has different numbers, types and sizes of cymbals. For my kit, the 10" djembe seems to set up its look. I got the snare with my first kit - no name on it - and a jazz drummer who my sister went out with for a while said it was a vintage Premier. I have the biggest O-ring dampener (old head cutout) on it that I've ever had, with only a six inch hole to keep the volume down.

I think I'll have to agitate for us to turn up a bit!
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