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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

Royal, can you you remember the names of the particular bands?
I remember seeing (on TV) playing live as I said...Editors, The Killers...with an imitation lead singer...good luck to him, the're ok with their bank manager...but O my....
Some can sing very well but still have terrible voices.
Sorry...can't list other names...too painful to watch until the end.

Did see a band..The magic numbers/ or was it the doves tour Japan.
How the ... a bunch of boring amateurs....standing there...playing terrible , forgettable songs, no dynamics, looking down at their socks.
The drummer adding feel...

I like a raw, exiting performance, a couple of dud notes here & there is ok with me....natural passion, feel are important.
These showers had zero that....
That's entertainment/music?

I can't post on the subject without going into a rant. (Because I'm a music lover) so I'll end this transmission. Out.
"And he plays drums."
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