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So yesterday I posted pix of my mini drum set with the 16 inch tom bass drum. I used a Gibraltar kit that comes with Dunnett legs, a riser for the batter side to mount the pedal on, and a bracket that goes in the floor toms 3rd leg bracket to hold a small tom. Well the tom bracket was missing a rubber stop that rests on the tom/bass drum to prevent scratching. I called to see if they would send me one and my tech order was taken and I was told to call back today to make sure the order had gone to the warehouse. Today I was told I shouldn't have had to call back and that warehouse parts orders can take a week or longer to process so they were sending me the entire kit again. This is a 70.00 kit and was missing a 50 cent rubber stop. I would say that is pretty good service. It was not mentioned that I was to return the first kit.
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