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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
As promised, here's the RT Gig Kit, complete with kick drum that looks a bit like an animal with a wide-open mouth:

Pardon the blurry shot; the light in the studio was about as good as my camera and photographic skill.
I see what you mean by the "Wide Open Mouth".
Just curious, Why did you put such a large porthole? On a drum that size, its like having no reso at all! I only put a 3 1/2 inch hole in mine. I thought that that was large! I have a 20" bass.
You also have a lot of stuffing in that drum. I would have used a hand towel folded flat at the bottom just to take some ring off. Im using an Aquarian SK I on my bass, with nothing inside. On a drum that small I would use an Aquarian Performance II as a batter with nothing inside. Try it. I recommend that for Gruntersdad also. He also asked about dampening his small bass.
The kit looks great! I love small kits!
What are you using for a snare?
I kind of like old drums:)
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