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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Okay... let's just look at it this way: The Beatles started out playing pop... fortunately for the music world they moved away from the mainstream later in their career but the fact is that when their early stuff is really mostly candy-coated big dollar pop... Beethoven (since deltadrummer brought up classical) was pop... it was formulaic music composed to be good to the audience to listen to. I would say that composers like stravinsky, taichovsky, dvorak deviated from the forumlaic sound a lot and were still very successful but even chopin (whom i love btw) would have been considered pop by today's standards.
As for drumming and pop I will say that while a lot of it is not techincally sophisticated, it is not necessarily bad. A lot of "pop" bands or stars use drum machines (especially in hip-hop and rap) but when you listen to enough of it you'll find that occassionally there are truly good grooves (some you'd need 4 hands and 4 feet to play but still good). The point is that in all genres there is a lot of crap... 90% of music is crap and you'll occassionally find the other 10% that is decent. I don't necessarily like pop music as a genre but a catchy tune is a catchy tune... it sells tickets/albums and i would be thrilled to be as big of a success as the modern pop stars (even hannah montana and the like). For decades a lot of pop music has been written by a composer and performed by a star... this is not necessarily a bad thing either... the composers compose and the performers perform.
So like i said, you'll find that some pop drummers are technical and play really good fills and grooves but 90% of music will still always be crap and this is true for all genres.

ps: flammadiddlyruffs - I have to work on these :)
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