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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Be that as it may, a lot of those metal bands have pretty outrageous drummers: Jaska Raatikainen, Tomas Haake, The Rev. One could say "I don't like the music;" but that would be less a comment on the quality of the music and more a comment on the age of the person.
Heh, metal's hardly pop. True, that it's reflective of age, though. I don't get the Cookie Monster vocal style. I never even worked out why it's called a death growl, since as far as I know dead people don't growl and zombies kind of go "uhhhhhhh ooouhhhhh".

As for pop drumming, Green Day has a pop drummer who won't be putting shivers down Billy Cobham's spine any time soon Still, it's a decent drum arrangement, and composing an effective drum part is a HUGE aspect of pop drumming. I think fancy drum parts are considered a bit dated and naively showoffy modern music that's not metal/jazz/world unless you have someone rare like Stewart Copeland.

Dane, I used to think of players selling out but no more. Usually we'll say someone is selling out if they shift from original music to mainstream like, say, John Wetton going from King Crimson and early UK to Asia. But he'd played some amazing things, and if he wants to make some $$, then he's earned it. (He was the most poppy writer in the early/mid 70s incarnation of KC anyway). Most pop musos are into the music they play so it's not selling out IMO - they're just lucky enough to have a popular form of bad taste :)
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