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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Originally Posted by justjim
I'm wondering if you might be more happy with single ply concert head like an Evans strata or a Remo Renaissance Ambassador ...FWIW we had coated pinstripes on the wife's, we thought they were maybe a little too "controlled" (internally damped)

I actually was thinking you might like the larger size specifically because you don't play at high SPL -- I personally find the teeny drums get kind of flat when 'underplayed' (I like quiet too, but I started music as a classicl[al] guitarist, so "rockin out" isn't my native anyway) - so I'm thinking more in terms of resonance than projection
I'll give the Protone a bit of time to settle in and experiment with tunings but your ideas are on board. Not sure about Remo. The Ambassador snare head lost tone so quickly - despite my Kidsticks and general softness (incl. half of the set played with brushes).

To Bob & Jim - I live in a flat and can't play kit at home. My flat has a lot of wood and flat surfaces so when I first got the kit, while tuning the tim it was almost like I was letting off a cannon! Once I got it in the studio I could hear that the dampening on the tom sounded lousy and took it off. The sound clip I put in my previous post was the tom undampened. I've since tuned the drum up a bit.

Yeah, ideally I'd have a bigger tom but I'm not spending any more $$ once I pick up the case for the kick I ordered. I've spent an awful lot of time and money on a band that's not that serious. Must be mid life kicking in :)

Bob, good to see you guys gigging and that your crew seem capable of extricating themselves from wives/partners and work long enough to get the arrangements tight. Not easy to find at our age. Your toms were low in the mix so it was hard to judge the tuning, though. The RT toms sounded good on the sound bite that you posted previously. Yes, a quirky sound; they have their own nice quality. But, as Jim said, they probably need a decent thumping to bring out their best.
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