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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Originally Posted by justjim View Post
extra dampening does seem a bit odd to me as well - always seems to me like the challenge is getting those guys to ring
I suspect that maybe Polly is "EQing" - damping out weird overtones possibly from uneven head tensioning so maybe it ain't ringing true

I hear ya on the carbs -- cut my teeth on the brits and was a holdout from the "just slap a weber kit on it" guys, then again, I left those lever shocks on MGs too...which was probably mistake ;) -- I think something can be said for "tuning" in general, whatever the system...realizing, by feel, that changing this is going to also effect that, getting a feel for how far to back out as you pass over the sweet spot, etc
Slapping the Weber on! That is what The Drum Dial is to me. It gives me a place to start. I know that only you and I will understand the Weber vs SU multi carb analogy!
If the RT's aren't evenly tensioned, there will be unwanted tones.
I think that perhaps Polly's band plays at such a low volume that she is trying to make her drums play at a level that is too low. Drums can only get so quiet. Even small ones.
Polly is playing with child sticks. I use Zildjian 7a hickory. I also use the stock Pearl RT foot pedal or an Iron Cobra with the felt beater on my bass. Polly uses a fluff beater with extra padding on the batter head. I play a lot louder than she does.
I love the sound when I thwack the toms on my RT at almost a rimshot angle to produce an accent during rolls etc, but without hitting the rim. I get them to sing a
bit that way.
I played a kit with concert toms for 20 years, so the lack of resos doesn't bother me. I find kits with resos more of a challenge.
I kind of like old drums:)

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