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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Bob, there was my mini kit at a party in a restaurant:

And the RT:

Interesting info, thanks Bob. I don't have a drum dial and already spent a fortune of late so I won't rush out for one just yet, tho' some tuning help would be good. One of the guys at my usual drum shop swears by Aquarians ... trouble is, they don't stock them ...

Jim, I'm just using the stock double layer Protone. It seems pretty similar to a pinstripe to me. The RT Gig Kit doesn't actually have a 14, just an 8, 10 and 12", so as you can see I'm already going for that BIIIG BOOOM hahaha

Even the kick drum, at 16", is smaller than Danny Carey's floor toms. The kick is weird, set a couple of inches off the ground on four legs, so when you look at it from the front it looks like a hungry animal with the O hole in the front kick skin. Last rehearsal our singer went down on his haunches in front of the kick drum and opened his mouth wide open. Wish I got a photo :)

My current band is so laid back that, even with a fluffy Vater Vintage Bomber Beater on the kick and a couple of make-up pads dampening the kick I have to be careful not to be too loud! So, while I miss the quality of my old Rogers 13" mounted and 22" kick, it's just as well I have small drums these days.

I even use Vic Firth Kidsticks, which are not much over 12" long to keep the volume down (they took some getting used to but I love them now). Super light. Even so, last practice we tried Little Wing for the first time because our bassist was sick and couldn't show, and it gave me a rare chance to try out the tom properly, but my tiny kit - with my tiny sticks and fluffy beater and makeup pads was STILL dominant!

The tom sounds like it's tuned a tad low for its range in this ... hmmm, a drum dial, eh? :)
I don't mind the stock Protones either. I have read many posts here on DW that put them down, but I have no problem with them. I see from your pic that you taped a muffler to your tom. Im puzzled as to your reason for this. The tom doesn't sustain very long with no reso head. Im wondering why you chose to dampen the drum further.
I bought a DrumDial about a year ago. It took me some experimenting to get used to it. I now swear by it! It saves me a great deal of time! I still fine tension by ear. The dial gets me close. You should try one. Don't be discouraged at first. The dial has a learning curve to it.
Other drummers say that Im a good tuner. I have tuned many a drummers drums for them. I have a lot of experience with tensioning bolts on cars. I work as an Automotive Tech. (35 years experience) I frequently tune multiple carburetors on vintage cars by ear. (Ferrari, Porsche, MG, etc) I can torque nuts and bolts by hand and later check them with a torque wrench and be dead on spec! I think that these skills from my automotive experience has helped me to tension drums. I can sense the torque on a drum lug by feel, as well as by ear.
The sizes on my Rt are different than your kit. 10, 12, 14, toms, 13 snare, 20 bass.
I liked your sample of Little Wing! Here is mine. I was playing my big kit.
you can see me in this vid.
I kind of like old drums:)

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