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Default Re: Evans Onyx...anyone tried them?

I just got a set for my Starclassic Performers. I went all in and bought the bass batter and reso along with batters for my 12"x10" & 14"x14" toms. I'm using clear G1s on the bottom of my toms. I tune my batters as low as I can get them with the resos slightly higher.

To be brief, they sound exactly how they are marketed. I usually use coated G2s; these are just a bit darker and punchier. I loooove 'em, but if you're into a brighter full spectrum sound stay away! They have a really crisp attack and growly but smooth decay, and want to be tuned very low. They don't decay as smoothly as the EC2s, but I think they'll be much more durable (clear heads just don't hold up long enough for me). I like the punch of smaller toms tuned really low, and these absolutely deliver.

On the kick drum, just go buy a set. The coating gives the kick a nice thwack, and the resonance is nice, clean, and huge. If the EMAD retainer ring doesn't disintegrate (it looks like they've put a layer of foam under the ring to prevent this) this will be the best kick head I've ever tried.

Again, I prefer a very low, punchy sound. If that's what you're after, I think you'll love 'em.

Also: they look absolutely kick-ass with my black rims.

By the way, I've tried basically every batter Evans makes, and most of Remo's as well. For my money, I think these are an awesome balance of sound, durability, and aesthetics.
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