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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

Jim, I'm just using the stock double layer Protone. It seems pretty similar to a pinstripe to me. The RT Gig Kit doesn't actually have a 14, just an 8, 10 and 12", so as you can see I'm already going for that BIIIG BOOOM hahaha

Wow I didn't realize the RT came in anything besides "regular" (I'm US so "regular" is whatever USA uses and the rest of the world is "weird" :D ) -- 22, 10,12,14

I'm wondering if you might be more happy with single ply concert head like an Evans strata or a Remo Renaissance Ambassador ...FWIW we had coated pinstripes on the wife's, we thought they were maybe a little too "controlled" (internally damped)

I actually was thinking you might like the larger size specifically because you don't play at high SPL -- I personally find the teeny drums get kind of flat when 'underplayed' (I like quiet too, but I started music as a classicl[al] guitarist, so "rockin out" isn't my native anyway) - so I'm thinking more in terms of resonance than projection
(wife plays with mallets a lot, she likes a soft, defined-pitch tympani like sound on her floor toms...she recently stole my 18" - but doesn't like a lot of volume for that kind of stuff.
though she's Jekyl&hyde -- she also has one of those chad smith snares which is, basically, an ear rape. I think she likes it just so she can "visit upon thine ear with unspeakable sonic mayhem" when most inappropriate)

I tend to like the sound of a larger diameter, maybe uptuned
last time we had our RT out, we tuned the 12 to the 10s pitch and liked the sound of the 12 better, not because of volume, but b/c it wasn't as deadwoody and felt more sensitive at low volume - plus there was a variety of workable timbres as you moved off-center, which I think it nice on a smaller [in number of pieces] kit

but, I think as bob was speaking to with the drum dial - it does (to me at least) seem pretty tuning sensitive in terms of really getting even tension on the head (I suppose b/c it's a relatively simple resonator system - so the tuning that you do have carries a lot of weight in the system).
hmm, now that I think about it, it's a lot like tuning a typical two-stroke engine...the powerband is generally peaky and narrow and it's really sensitive to your ignition timing and getting the mix...jussst right
They just don't have that many parts, so each adjustment does a lot

Even the kick drum, at 16", is smaller than Danny Carey's floor toms. The kick is weird, set a couple of inches off the ground on four legs, so when you look at it from the front it looks like a hungry animal with the O hole in the front kick skin. Last rehearsal our singer went down on his haunches in front of the kick drum and opened his mouth wide open. Wish I got a photo :)
I'd like to see it - with or without it battling your vocalist(I didn't see a pic earlier, but I thought saw ref to a pic you had of it, but maybe that was your old kit)

One of our doggies likes to stick his head in the drums, we try to discourage it, but he loves sounds...I have to admonish him not to try to jump at my (string) double bass..he like the bow

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