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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

Originally Posted by thelimpingtoad View Post
That's why we have a "No Chicks Allowed" policy hahah... even though it doesn't apply to my current band since the other members are married and I have been in a relationship for 4 years... but yeah... dating a band member is no good. This is especially bad because of all the politics involved in bands... then adding all the dating politics in too... oh god... why would anyone want to date someone in their band?!

hahaha i remember we had to cancel a gig one time because the two lovers wanted to go on a date and they had forgotten that we had to gig. They basically didnt show up at the show....... "luckily" nearly no one showed up to see us that night XD... i guess that had to happen lol.
ye i agree with you that it makes no sense to be dating someone in the band; i told the guy he would have plenty of groupies to choose from lol... it didnt really make him laugh...
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