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Default Re: Pop Music in General

To be quite honest I'm not sure what pop music is today. I have always used the term to mean popular music. In my neck of the woods, I can't even find what would be considered pop music. There is no weekly top 40 like there was when I was growing up. There are so many genres of music now that didn't exist when I was young. The music industry is so over saturated with different sounds that I guess I'm not sure what pop would be. I'm not saying that is a bad thing. When I grew up in the 60's and 70's we had pretty much Rock n Roll, Country, Folk, Soul that was played on the top 40 stations. Over time other genres joined the mix so that today there are probably 10 different types or more of just Metal. Because of this I think the talent pool is much thinner and groups that cut records today would not have made it 30 years ago. Also today if you can't get a label to sign you just start your own. It's like football. The more teams they add to the league the more less talented players make teams, a thinning of the talent. Just my thoughts.
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