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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Yes, thats one of the nice things about the RT - it's not imposing.

I'm just using the 12" tom (as per my pic link below). It sems like there's not a lot of wiggle room with the shallow shell between a good and not-so-good sound. Did you find that? I'm trying to work out how it wants to be tuned. I've come a bit closer this week but still no cigar.
Sorry, I don't see the pic link that you speak of?
The RT is like that movie with Jack Nicholson. "As Good As It Gets"
It has many quirks, But you can learn to overlook them and find a Happy Place. What my band mates like is that they can get the feel of the drum presence while they work on their sound. We even have conversations as we play now.
I used to play with Blaststicks when we worked on the details of our material. The Blasticks didn't give enough real drum and cymbal sound to feel the music. When I play the RT with 7a's, The volume is just right for practice.
When I practice alone it also helps me because the absence of resos allows me to hear every hit on the drums. When I practice, I play the Traveler for a while and then I move to my big Gretsch kit. The workout on the Rhythm Traveler primes me for the full size Gretsch. Thats the best that I can explain it. Its kind of like having a beer before you have a shot of whiskey!
As far as tuning goes, I simply tune all of the toms to 75 on the Drum Dial. I tune the snare batter and reso to 80. I tune the bass to 75, both batter and reso. I added an Aquarian SK I to the bass batter. The bearing edges are true. The heads tune evenly with the Drum Dial. The kit is well made!
When I play small gigs such as private parties. I don't have to lug all of my heavy drums. I have learned that people in general can't tell the difference between the traveler and a full sized kit. Guests at the parties look at the drums and they ask questions about it. The kit becomes a conversation piece. Kids at the parties love to play it on band breaks. I give mini lessons to them. Thats entertainment, Relating to your audience, Letting the kids play on breaks adds to the party. The parents love it.
I kind of like old drums:)

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