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Default Re: Hocus Pocus cover

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
You have a few tricks up your sleeve, don't you?
Do you mean the guitar, or the Vietnamese nose flute? Either way, as you can see I had my sleeves rolled up, so no tricks in there!

Seriously though...maybe I do! I don't know. Do I?

And glad you like the garbly bit, I was helped out considerably by our friend Trim, who was playing bass for us on this occasion but is usually the singer in our other band Sorcerer's Spell (where I do actually play the drums)!

I think next time we will play it faster, like Focus used to do live. Much more silly.

Talking of which, the rest of that set is also on our youtube channel if anyone wants to have a look.
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