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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Dane777 View Post
Im interested.
What are your guys thought on pop music and the
musicianship of the players today, What have you guys got to say about?
Ok I'll step up....

Forgettable melodies terrible songs, no guitar solos (Un cool? = can't play 'em) & my main gripe is the voices of the so-called lead singers. Hardly good enough to be doing a backing harmony.

I watched The Killers a while back to listen to the drumming.....& once the lead singer opened his mouth my gf said he makes it sound like a middle school band doing their first gigs. I agree.
"The Editors is another.'s a huge list...miles away from talent/quality.
Being original doesn't mean you are good/talented.

If they are good drummers, they hide it well for the money. Single strokes all the time (Moony is the only guy that could get away with that, & he certainly did:^)
If you see them play the technique sucks as if they've never had a lesson. That's what makes drummers the butt of non musician jokes.

That's showbiz $$$.= con the kids.
Musically literate?

Just saying.

Ok. Now flame me...we all drummers here. That's fine.
"And he plays drums."
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