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Default Re: Show Me Your "Monster" Kits! (let's say... 7 piece and up)

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
I would really love to see a dwarf monster kit. 18 and 16 bass, 6,8, 10,12, 13, 14 and 15 toms, 12 or 13 inch snare. 10 pieces, none bigger than 18 inches. The trend now is to huge drums, even in four-piecers, and it would be cool to see a monster kit with small drums.

I got ya covered, but I do use standard size kicks. (see my avatar)

I play with a prog death, prog rock-metal, classic rock/metal bands, and jam with a rapper, avant garde, indie, and jazz/latin guys all the time. I also do a lot of solo stuff that doesn't really have a specific genre, but if I had to coin a term for this genre, I would name it spaghetti. One room, one kit, this is the result.

I still want (changed from need, lol) a rack, a set of 8 octobans to layer on top of my rack toms just below my crashes, crotales to the far left above the 3rd floor tom, a gong bass to replace the 3rd floor tom, a sample pad, and then I think I will have what I want to play with in all those styles.

Far left.

Latin stuff.

From the top.

Full kit from the left.

Right side.

My rides.

Shells and Hardware
Tama Iron Cobra Power-Glide Single Pedal (2)
Tama Iron Cobra Lever-Glide Hi-Hat Stand
Tama Rockstar Drums: 8x8, 10x8, 12x10, 14x14, 16x16, 22x18 (2)
Tama Steel Mini-Tymps: 6x4, 8x4
Tama Hand-Hammered Steel Mike Portnoy Signature Snare 12x5
Peavey modified floor tom 16x16

Zildjian 6in Zil-Bel
Zildjian 8in A Splash
Zildjian 9.5in Zil-Bel
Zildjian 10in A Custom Splash
Zildjian 14in K Custom Fast Crash
Zildjian 14in A Custom Hi-Hat Top/Z Custom "Dyno Beat" Bottom (2)
Zildjian 14in ZXT Trashformer
Zildjian 16in A Custom Fast Crash
Zildjian 18in A Custom Projection Crash
Zildjian 18in Oriental "Trash" China
Zildjian 18in ZBT inverted Crash/China stack
Zildjian 20in K Custom Brilliant Ride
Zildjian 21in Z Custom Mega-Bell Ride
Wuhan 12in China/12in Splash stack

Miscellaneous Debris
Latin Percussion High-Pitched Jam Block
Latin Percussion 6-7/8in "Aspire" Timbale Cowbell
Latin Percussion 8in "Aspire" Bongo Cowbell
Pete Englehart Custom set of 4 Agogo-Bells

9 years of blasturbation.
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