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Default Re: Ringo, smartest drummer ever?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I'm thinking he understands something most other drummers in the world missed.

Now there is something..

Discussing Ringo is always such a.... !!!!........... nnngmphffff...

All posts are full of political correctness for fear of being sacrilegious, or an exercise in expressing extremes.

'Drum God' or 'Bashworthy', for having.. well sloshy hi- hats at a time when crisp & clean was vogue.... headed surely into the inevitable cess pit of chops v/s feel.

Bernhard's sensitivity on the issue has never been quite explained on this forum, other than the fact that we dont bash any drummers around here, but I suspect his admiration for the man comes from the same place as mine.

I frankly & very simply think Ringo's orchestrations of the drum parts were remarkably original and unique. They fit the larger musical picture like Marilyn Monroe's hand in a Louis Vuitton leather glove.

The definition of a leading creative force in drumming is complete, thank you very much. QED

To me its always been pointless to debate his chops ( or the lack of ) versus Purdie's or Lang's or Weckl's or Elvin's because that had absolutely nothing to do with his music or his context. .

Can one really compare Michaelangelo or the realistic perfection of Renaissance Art to Picasso's Modernism & relatively cruder and interpretational abstractions..?

Picasso would have no chops by that argument. ( well, discount his Blue period )

Who was smarter.. I dont know.. but both were awesome.


PS- He 'discarded the card, Ken?.. LOL, you made my day

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