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Default Ringo, smartest drummer ever?

Really, if you think about it, (if I have my facts straight), he isn't big on practicing by himself, he isn't a real technique guy on the par with the likes of the Vinnies and Virgils and such, (although his early sloshy hi hat sound is a bit of a trademark) yet he is more of a household name on par with Rich and Krupa, plus I'm guessing he's been on more hit records than most, and the worlds best musicians love playing with him because he plays thoughtfully and lets them grab all the glory. He took the path that the majority of people on this board aren't interested in, meaning just learning enough drums to get the job done. (I'm not trivializing his playing I think he's brilliant in a minimalistic way) If you think I'm knocking him, I'm not. To the contrary, I'm thinking he understands something most other drummers in the world missed. He is proof that there are many paths to the waterfall, and you gotta give the guy a ton of credit. My hat goes off to him.

Hey Bernhard, do I get a free DrummerWorld T-shirt for this thread?

Are there Drummerworld T-shirts? There should be. Fodder for another thread. And a possible source of income eh Bernhard?
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