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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

A funny thing about the Wuhans. A couple years ago I ordered a Wuhan China and MF had a deal that if you bought an 18 inch china you get a 16 & 18 S series crash with the deal. I was so impressed with the sound of the two S series I decided to order the 14 inch hats and 20 inch ride. I also ordered a 17 crash to fill out the set. The sound is bright, cutting, and loud. Maybe not as clean as A Customs but much brighter and cutting than all of my A Zildjians. Very suitable for classic rock and country. I own several Zildnians (11 I think) and the Wuhans hold their place in my collection quite well. If you are playing softer music like jazz or blues the Wuhans would not be my cymbal of choice. When you look at the price and their quality they just might be the best bang for your buck in cymbals.
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