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Default Re: Band name change!

I think Limping Toad is right in that once people know you the name fits and it's not an issue. In the late 70s on a Friday night some friends wanted to see who was playing at the Bondi Lifesaver - one of Sydney's better venues at the time. "Cold Chisel? Ugh! What's on at the Stagedoor Tavern?".

Cold Chisel ended up being one of the biggest bands in the country not so long afterwards. Apparently they'd thought up the name in a hurry a while before and it stuck.

I guess someone was named Edward Frogbottom people might roll their eyes but if he was a good guy then people would forget the name. Same with funny-looking people, once you get to know them their personality is all people notice.

Marketing, of course, is about gaining attention, making a good first impression and letting people know who you are. You'll at least tick the first box :)
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