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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Yeah, that sounded good. But he sounds like the kind of guy who could make a couple of garbage bins kick, um, donkey.
That and there's a lot of aux percussion

FWIW - the wife has a RT kit - she was using is like an E-kit (It's still got the homebrew transducers)
that we put back to an acoustic kit that is just sort of the extra basher kit now

The toms, being concert style, are what they are - so you just have to approach them on their terms (nice thing is you can nest em for transport, which is i suppose one of the big reasons) - they have a somewhat flat, dry sound (not necessarilly bad, but it's that style).and I think erring to a ringier head kind of works out better (a more controlled head can just get REALLY dry)

The kick - well it seems sensitive to the tuning (and I'm not sure we ever really got it dialed - but haven't revisited it in a while, might be nice to pull to back out)
Technique wise, burying the beater didn't seem to work that well...just not enough resonance to carry it - an open "tympani" hit seemed to let the sound stay reasonably open

One thing about the tom mounts on the kick - they are a decent bit closer that on a more common depth kick - so if you are mounting off those you have to sort of work through that
(the spurs are kind of close and shallow too, so mounting a bunch of aux percussion off em can be destabilising)

dunno - I'm certainly no expert on em. I mention the experience b/c I think it kind of points to the challenge of approaching them
if you are used to setting up "deeper" drums (where maybe you have to work subtractively, controlling resonances, etc) these little guys can kind of throw ya as I think you have to look to preserve/promote more of those resonances - so you have to go off "autopilot" in terms of your set-up strategy

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