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Default Picking Up Music in Kenya

Hey all,

So in a month or two (details are fuzzy), I will be dropping everything and moving to Nairobi, Kenya to aid in some Christian missionary work there. I went through a phase of thinking, "well, I'll just drop drumming altogether, it won't come in handy," but now after a week or so I'm realizing that I'm never going to be able to stop playing music.

Here's the problem: while I have a pretty good understanding of Afro-Cuban rhythms, I have been mostly approaching latin and african music from a Jazz standpoint. I love transcribing people like Bill Stewart, Peter Erskine, Antonio Sanchez, etc. I am a jazz freak.

So I know we have a lot of great people on the forum here with different vantage points, from different cultures. I'm wondering: What's the best way to start learning about Kenyan popular music and getting to a place of understanding it? I know that, often, a country's music can be just as complex as the rest of its culture, but I am pretty clueless about where to start with the reggae/afro/latin Kenyan approach, being such a little Americanized whitey myself.

Any advice, links, etc?
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