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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Witchcraftery, I have only ever heard the Catalinas talked about in glowing terms. It looks like you've focused on quality rather than quantity.

I played just one gig with my stomp box kit. I really did miss using a pedal and DI'ing through the PA, slaved through a small amp, is a bit of a pain - leads all over the place and we all know how flaky leads can be.

Here is the mini kit in action at a restaurant - possibly never to be seen in action again in its current form (and hopefully my goofy look in the shot won't be seen again either):

Now the confession ... I have become a traitor to the small kit ranks and bought a monster Terry Bozzio set:

Ok, it's a red wine Rhythm Traveller Gig Kit but I'm just using the 12" tom, along with the djembe. After some testing I took away the inverted 6" splash because its overtones were making the Stagg splash sound even trashier than it already did. The great thing about Stagg spl/crash cymbals is you only crash 'em when you have no choice - helps with discipline :) Still, two of them together can make a reasonable and cheap hi hat setup for the light of touch.

One thing about the RT Gig kit. Call me crazy but it makes no sense to me for Pearl to attach a snare drum to a stand from the bass drum. At first I was too excited to engage brain and wanted to try the kit out fully set up. Naturally every beat on the kick created a serious rattle in the snare. Well, duh! However, the snare's too small for my standard snare stand so, even though I like its look and sound, I'm sticking with my vintage Premier. Very tight squeeze on a 10" snare with brushes too.

The RT toms aren't flash and have to be tuned carefully - not much margin for error to find the sweet spot between *boing!* and *blugh*. I haven't quite found it yet but I'm sure it exists :)
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