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[quote=Buddha;153086]If the audience was full of drumming guru's then they would've cheered all of the drummers just about equally.

When it comes to Vinnie's lack fo creativity I'm talking specifically about his solos. For the most part I hear a continuous pattern of quick rolls all over the place. I cant hear many note variations or a strong use of other rudiments in his solo's.....little diversity I guess is what i'm trying to say. Maybe you have a better ear than I do and there are subtleties in Vinnie's solo's that I dont notice, but I still don't like the way he plays.

The difference between Gadd's and Vinnie's solos are that Gadd solo's have a oddity to them while maintaining a sound "feel", they're actually somthing I can internalize and admire. With Vinnie, I just cant really admire his style of soloing like I can with most other drummers. So I guess we are arguing a difference of tastes. And i'll admit that like everyone els, I can be biased towards things I dont like:-)[/QUOTE

Obviously, Vinnie is over your head....I say this because you dont even noticed the blushdas,the flam taps,the flamaddiles,and all the other insane rudiments that he is playing....albiet fast as hell but still musically significant....As for the whole vinnie repeating himself well buddy you dont have a any idea about the construction of drum solos...and the idea of soloing over a form without accompaniment.If you did you would know that his "fours" were based off what Steve and Dave played before him.I love Gadd and Weck but Gadd has been playing the SAME solo for YEARS with the same licks and all..Currently however in defense to Mr.Gadd he has reunited with L'Image (a jazz fusion group from the seventies) I had the chance to see them in NYC last year....And Gadd kicked major ass all over the place and he NEVER resorted to any of his stock licks .He played like he was twenty again.

Again I understand that everyone has different tastes and I respect that but please be INFORMED!!!
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