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Default Re: Question: Logic for a Mac

Logic Studio - which is the only way to get Logic Pro 8 - also offers WaveBurner, MainStage, SoundTrack Pro 2, Compressor and 36+ GB of additional sound/Apple Loop library (including all Jam Packs except "Voices"). None of this comes with Logic Express.

Logic Express 8 is actually the same as Logic Pro 8 - without the following features:
- Support for high-end control surfaces (Euphonix, SmartAV)
- DAE/TDM support
- DAP (distributed audio processing with Logic Node)
- Surround
- EVP88
- EVB3
- EVD6
- Sculpture
- Space Designer
- Delay Designer
- Linear Phase EQ
- Match EQ
- Multipressor (there is only the 'Preset Multipressor' as in LE7)
- AdLimiter
- Multimeter

I think that's enough now, get Logic Studio 8!!
It gets better with age!
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