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Default Re: Band name change!

This is where it gets tricky..... What is a serious name today? We do a lot of metal and being around the scene for a while I started to realize that people come up with some ridiculous names and I don't mean in the funny sense. Its like they are trying to be brutal sounding with their name even if they have nothing to do with the name. I have also seen a lot of names with the words as, the, of, blood, black, fall.... Really are these people all serious about names like As Grace Falls, Welcome the Fall, I Declare War..... Do I need to name more? Also look at Strapping Young Lad, what a weird name so........ how did they get big again?

Just a little background insight of where I'm viewing this name from. I am not backing the name up by any means with this post I am just trying to clarify what a couple of you consider to be "serious" because I am seeing a lot of good names that you would consider to be serious crumble and a lot of strange names getting big in the marketing area.
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