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Default Re: What is your feeling about nostalgia?

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
At one point, Donald Fagen says he was not about nostalgia and really didn't understand it; but some people had very strong feelings about the music. Walter Brecker said that they were about commodifying their music, which is nostalgic.
There are plenty of artists trading on what they did best in the past, and I have no problem listening to music that I enjoyed at some point before 'now'. I can grow, and remember, at the same time. But I don't quite understand an artist who's not sure if they should play their own music, just because it was 30 years ago. It doesn't matter if the songs were toured or not. If the music was valid then, and was popular as well, what's the big deal playing the old songs? It's too bad Becker and Fagen have to somehow 'justify' doing it. Sheesh, 'artists'... "we already did something great, let's not do that again!"

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