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darkcherryfade - where are you from??? I will sell you the dvd - if you really want it, I bought it when I was working in usa, but that wasn/t the best way to invest my money..from 100 exercices, there are max. 10 that are useful . . .the others are, I don't know how to say, but you couldn't use it in regular - mainstream music... the best exercise IMHO is this one :

R - accented righ hand
r - right hand, tap
L - accented left hand
l - left hand, tap

I suggest start really slowly...

Rlrlrlrl Rlrlrlrl Rlrlrlrl ( Rlr Lrl Rlr )

Lrlrlrlr Lrlrlrlr Lrlrlrlr ( Lrl Rlr Lrl )

than I upraded it for my self and that goes like this
RlrlrlRl rlrlRlrl rlRlrlrl ( Rlr Lrl Rlr )
LrlrlrLr lrlrLrlr lrLrlrlr ( Lrl Rlr Lrl )

yeah :)
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