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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

hey Nutha!... I listened to your clip. you sound great. less mics is always cool and less risky (if you sound great on your own as you do)

That guitar player needs to get some time going though... whew!.. that's rough... I do understand that it is live though... and given the wrong tape at the wrong time... maybe it could be any of us! I hope he is aware of how lame his groove was there- if not.. you've got a rough road ahead of you!
i think he's pretty good but then he is the singer as well so credit where it is due...we are looking for a good guitarist to fill out a bit more...preferably one that doesn't differentiate between lead and rhythm guitaring...maybe brian may isn't too busy. thanks very much for the review. i didn't know i was being recorded at the time. sometimes that's the best because i sometimes concentrate on the recording when i am being recorded instead of the drums and the audience (if that makes any sense?)


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