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Default Re: What is your feelings about nostalgia?

We do nostalgia better now than we did in the old days :)

Before rock was corporatised and formulaic there seemed to be generally a greater joy of invention and chances to be imaginative. Rock was new, the musicians were idealistic, and their influences came from players in other genres rather than the guys who were influenced by the guys who were influenced by some old black guy hardly anyone's heard of.

The nostalgia craze seems to be largely fuelled by the original acts who are still capable of tossing aside their walking frames and performing. There's serious dollars on offer with broadcast rights that are available to celebrities. Once the last of the Grand Old Men of Rock retire to sedate and gracious living (or to their coffins) I suspect the music will fade to an increasing minority interest and the next generation of "golden oldies" will do the circuit.

If Eminem is still fit and playing my guess is that he'll be playing nostalgia gigs in 25 years time, reminding the fans of an innocent time when hip hop was fresh and new :)

Maybe it would be good for new musicians if the old superstars stepped aside and freed up some of those promoter $$ for the next generation? Still, the public demand is there and it's probably too much fun to miss out on - belting it out with your old cronies in front of thousands of adoring fans. Everything else would probably seem tame by comparison.

Edit: I agree MFB. Bob Fripp & co are still coming up with fresh ideas, often recombining elements of their old material in new ways (something Uncle Frank liked doing). I'd expect them to still attract a nostalgia crowd, knowing he relied on to wow them by doing what he's always done - trying something different :) One thing they wouldn't expect is for him to play Schizoid Man.
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